being a compendium of resources I've found useful and some historically interesting books

ios books (uikit)

Still the best single-volume overview of iOS.
Everything you always wanted to know about layers.

ios books (swiftui)

A gentle introduction with explanations of what's going on under the hood.
Practical real-world advice.

swift books

Concise but meaty.
Good advice with good examples.
A wide-ranging overview of Swift's more interesting features.

objective-c books

Best practices and pitfalls.
Surprisingly insightful bathroom reading.
Collected wisdom from nshipster.com.

other ios resources

Weekly videos on iOS development, short and sweet.
Weekly videos on Swift development, a good mix of theoretical and practical.

macos apps

Not the cheapest diff app, but reliable and actively updated.
Generate extremely tedious code for attributed strings.
View/edit many different compressed file formats, includes QuickLook support.
Quickly test code snippets.
Color palette picker/organizer.
An IDE for Core Data.
Skeumorphtastic shelves for my PDF books/manuals.
Objective-C Xcode project analyzer.
Finder for S3 and others.
Monitor log files on the desktop.
Why do I only have fifteen minutes of battery left?
Sometimes I just want to move pixels around, not layers up and down.
Hex editor.
Drop-and-drop PNG compressor.
Finder for iOS devices.
Check website[sp?] links.
Generate extremely tedious Core Animation code.
Edit launchd files. See also lunchy.
ASCII diagram editor.
macOS firewall UI.
Extract useful things from un-useful installers.
Generate extremely tedious code for graphic designs.
macOS clipboard manager (yes, I tried all the others).
An IDE for web services (formerly Paw).
A really efficient screen measurement tool.
Install and manage multiple PostgreSQL versions from the menu bar.
View/edit PostgreSQL databases.
macOS-native HTTP/S debugging proxy.
Keep up.
Display your iOS device screen on your Mac desktop.
Test regular expressions. Free and open source.
Switch resolutions quickly, including HiDPI modes.
Why does this view overlap that view?
Animated iOS device mockups.
Easy screen recording.
Quick screenshots.
Quick access to Simulator folders and other useful features.
Great vector graphics app.
Automatically restore windows when connecting/disconnecting external displays.
Interactive SwiftUI docs.
Polyglot database viewer/editor, great for SQLite.
Combine with Reflector for twice the fun.
An improved Font Book.
Edit Markdown with GitHub styling.
App Store screenshot editor.
A shelf for the Finder.

code quality tools

Swift code checker.
Storyboard checker.

ios apps

PDF viewer with Dropbox support.

ruby gems

Wrapper for launchctl.
Execute shell commands via SSH.

github projects

Dependency graph generator for Xcode projects.



light reading