Mark Smith

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Accomplished software engineer with an exceptional track record helping new startups and established companies deliver successful consumer and business applications. Focus on system architecture and rich UI/UX design and implementation. Demonstrated talent for working directly with users and customers.

Founder / CTO @ Crew Up (New York)

2016 — now | Swift Objective-C Vapor iOS macOS AWS PostgreSQL

Crew Up is a community marketplace for entertainment industry professionals.

Designed and built the iOS app and Vapor-based server.

Independent Developer @ Camazotz LLC (New York)

2014 — now | Swift Objective-C Cocoa iOS macOS

Consulting on iOS app design and development. Recent contracts include:

Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf was acquired by Chess.com in 2020.

Architect / Engineer @ EachScape (New York)

2009 — 2013 | Objective-C Cocoa CoffeeScript JavaScript iOS macOS iPhone iPad Ruby Rails

First employee hired to build EachScape, a web-based system for producing sophisticated cross-platform mobile applications without programming.

Designed and built the flagship iOS client and assisted with implementation of the Rails-based server.

Ported the core client framework to JavaScript/HTML5.

Clients include E! Entertainment Television, Fox Business, NBC, CBS, and many others.

EachScape raised funding from GrandBanks Capital, Contour Venture Partners, and NYC Seed in 2012.

Software Engineer @ Skydeck / Mr Number (New York)

2007 — 2008 | OCaml Java GWT JavaScript Linux

Skydeck was a secure online service that managed cell phone records to extract a user's true social network.

Developed features for the beta and initial public release, including address book import and synchronization.

Mr Number was acquired by White Pages in 2013.

Architect / Engineer @ Jambo Networks (New York)

2004 — 2007 | C# 802.11 NDIS Jabber Java SQL Linux .NET

First employee hired to build Jambo, an innovative social networking application, using wireless local area network presence to introduce users who share common interests.

Designed and implemented the end-to-end Jambo system, including the web site, database, match processor, synchronization server, Windows and Pocket PC client applications.

Initial prototype completed in five weeks. Jambo was launched at DEMO@15, covered in a series in Forbes.

Jambo was slightly but tragically ahead of its time and went on permanent hiatus in 2007.

Software Engineer @ Vindigo (New York)

1999 — 2002 | C++ Java SQL Palm OS Pocket PC Win32 macOS

Second engineering hire at one of the first location-based mobile services companies. Vindigo was the leader in its market, receiving rave reviews on a wide range of platforms.

Assumed responsibility for all Palm client development and user interface design.

Led object-oriented redesign/rewrite from C to C++.

Designed and implemented hybrid online/offline resource architecture for wireless clients, GPS support.

Implemented desktop synchronization applications for Windows and macOS clients.

2003 — 2004 | C++ Java SQL BREW J2ME Linux

Researched and implemented novel techniques for compressing J2ME applications using Java bytecode transformation. The release version typically achieved a 20% size reduction on obfuscated code.

Vindigo was acquired by For-side in 2004.

Architect / Engineer @ LiveNote (London / New York)

1993 — 1999 | C++ Java MFC WFC Win32 Win16

Formed limited company to provide consulting services.

Retained to build LiveNote, a Windows application providing real-time access to testimony in trials. LiveNote and related products now comprise a full suite of tools, including sophisticated full-text search and retrieval, document markup, synchronized text and video, and secure access to testimony in real-time over the Internet.

The Internet server scaled to hundreds of simultaneous sources fed to thousands of clients using a custom UDP protocol that supported access control, encryption, graceful degradation, failure recovery and resynchronization.

Solely responsible for all aspects of the design and implementation of LiveNote and related applications.

LiveNote is the leading product in its market, used by customers worldwide, including courts in the US and UK, government inquiries in the UK and Hong Kong, and the majority of top law firms in the US.

LiveNote was acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2006.

Research Scientist @ Canon Research Europe (Guildford, UK)

1990 — 1991 | C++ PostScript NeWS Solaris SunOS Win16

Member of a 3-person research team building VPL, a visual programming language for image processing. VPL was a distributed, interactive system allowing users to perform sophisticated tasks without programming.

Designed and implemented the user interface, including a graphical workspace for assembling programs and related tools for viewing and manipulating images.

Presented a technical paper on VPL at Visual Languages '91 Conference, Kobe, Japan.

1992 — 1993 | C++ Solaris SunOS Win16

Founding member of a new division formed to exploit research into 3D graphics software (later spun off into Criterion Software Limited, vendors of RenderWare).

Responsible for specification of the API, integration into window systems, development and support issues.

Criterion was acquired by Electronic Arts in 2006.

Bachelor of Mathematics @ University of Waterloo (Waterloo, Canada)

Computer Science and Pure Mathematics core with strong Humanities/Arts background.

Co-operative program alternated academic and work terms, providing two years of industry experience.


Excellent written and oral communication skills. Extensive experience working directly with clients, suppliers, and partners at all levels of technical expertise.

Hold Canadian and British passports, US Green Card.

Professional references available upon request.